Daniel Knorr for JADE Signature

Location: Jade Signature 

Description: LIAISONS’ art department was hired by Fortune International Group to commission a public art project for the new Jade Signature building in Sunny Isles,designed by Herzog & de Meuron. 

Daniel Knorr, Rumanian artist based in Berlin, whose art practice often explores concepts of social relations and materialization, was commissioned to create a site-specific sculpture, in continuation with the Snowman figures he has made in the past at the National Museum of Fine Art in Budapest, Hungary; Kunsthalle Basel in Switzerland; Villa Arson Contemporary Art Center in Nice, France; and other art galleries and private collections. 

The point of departure of the work challenges the idea of a snowman without snow, and and explores the possibility of a snowman existing within a different geographical context. For this South Floridian iteration, Knorr creates Bonhomme Universe, a sub-tropical snowman, comprised of a variety of semi-precious gemstones from different parts of the world, representing Miami’s multicultural identity as well as the provenance of the new residents at Jade Signature.